Donnerstag 3., 10., 17. und 24. Juni von 20:00 – 21:30 online auf Zoom

Achtsame Kommunikation II mit Ulla könig 

In diesem Kurs erkunden wir wie uns Empathie und Achtsamkeit dabei unterstützen, die Bedürfnisse aller Beteiligten wahrzunehmen und zu verhandeln. Mitgefühl, Einfühlungsvermögen und Klarheit helfen uns dabei unseren eigenen Standpunkt mit Klarheit, frei von Aggression oder Angst zu vertreten. Wir verwenden Achtsamkeit in Verbindung mit Elementen aus der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation, um Bedürfnisse so zu kommunizieren, dass sie Gehör finden und Gespräche zu mehr Verbundenheit und Verständnis beitragen.

Der Kurs kann ohne Vorkenntnisse oder Teilnahme am ersten Teil erfolgen.

Jeder der Abende besteht aus einer Meditation, Übungen, die gemeinsam in Kleingruppen ausprobiert werden sowie Raum für Austausch von Erkenntnissen und Fragen.

Termine: Donnerstag 3., 10., 17. und 24. Juni von 20:00 – 21:30 online auf Zoom.
Kurskosten: 50 Euro pro Teilnehmer.

Für Rückfragen, bzw. zur Anmeldung bitte ich um eine Email: ulla.koenig@gmail.com oder eine Rückmeldung über die Homepage:https://www.ulla-koenig.com/events/achtsame-kommunikation-ii



+ Christopher offers on Sundays at 20:00 CET the Sunday Wisdom Series. In the hourlong teachings consistent of a guided meditation, a short talk and a Q&A, he touches on a broad variety of themes around mindfulness, meditation and wise ways of living.

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Sunday, June 27th 2021 Online retreat with Dhamma teacher Upul Nishanta Gamage

From The Nilambe Buddhist Meditation CenterThe inner voice of silence  

The retreat is for beginners and advanced students
Language: English

About the teacher:

Upul Nishantha Gamage, present

resident meditation teacher, has been
guiding thousands of people from
different backgrounds who come to
Nilambe to practice meditation. Upul
started meditation in 1977, at 13 years of
age. At that time, he was instrumental in
establishing a Youth Society at a
Buddhist Temple near his parents’ house
and got involved in many activities as
the Secretary of the Society. In late 80’s,
he had offered to help Godwin at a
point where someone’s assistance with
the activities at the Nilambe Meditation
Centre was vital.

Dear friends,
as residential retreats in Nilambe Meditation Centre cannot take place due to continuing Covid19 pandemic restrictions in Sri Lanka, Upul Nishanta Gamage, the residential teacher of the center, offers another online Zoom Retreat as an alternative on Sunday, 27. June.

Registration deadline: Thursday, 24. June
Zoom-access link: The Zoom access link will be sent to you after your registration on Friday 25. June via email.
Participation Requirements: – Familiar with Zoom (assistance to use Zoom is not available).

– Computer, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone.


Organizer: Nilambe Friends Organizer Team
Registration through: julvemar@gmail.com

There is no course fee. The retreat is donation based.

Bank details for a donation to Upul:
In order to offer everyone access to Buddha’s teachings, Upul offers the teachings without fee. Upul depends on donations (dana) for his livelihood and the maintenance of Nilambe meditation center in Sri Lanka. He does not have his own bank account.

If you wish to donate, please transfer it to Mar Jurado. She is a student of Upul and is currently in Sri Lanka for a longer period of time. She will give him the donations in cash.

Her bank details are:
Mar Jurado, IBAN ES13 0239 0806 7731 5707 3325

Intended purpose: Dana
Further information:
If you like, you can have a look at the Ebook „Rhythm of Nilambe“ as a preparation for the retreat. It contains valuable thoughts about the daily routine in a retreat. You can find the book on the homepage of Nilambe:

The day retreat will include guided meditations, a talk by Upul and question and answer session with Upul. We will also practice mindfulness in movement and chant in the morning. The schedule also includes times for independent meditation at home (without Zoom) and other mindful activities at home. Please try to keep the day of the retreat free of non-retreat activities as much as you can and try to avoid unnecessary
verbal communication throughout the day so that you can get great benefit from this precious time. However, it is possible to participate even if you are unable to attend all of the activities.